Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm really happy for you...

If I've learned anything from the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident at the MTV Video Music Awards, it's that the internet as a whole is very easily amused. There are, like, a million videos, photos, and god knows what else out there poking fun at the situation already. And yes, I'm just as easily amused, it seems. All of this dumb stuff made (and continues to make) me laugh. More, please!

The Kanye West Apology Generator

Make your very own Kanye West Apology. Be sure to turn on your CAPS-LOCK for extra authenticity. (Link)

I'mma Let You Finish
A lovingly assembled tumblr feed of all the Kanye goofiness you could possibly need. (Link)

Kanye interrupts a game of Super Mario Bros.

Kanye interrupts Barack Obama

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