Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For a few glasses more

Yahoo Answers... I just can't look away... Today, the question of "8 glasses of water a day: should you or shouldn't you?" remains super popular. I lost my last battle, but we'll see how it goes this time. Once again, someone is asking if they really need to drink this much water, and does it have to be pure water? Does juice count?

I think you already know where I stand on this, but user Mickey Rainheart contributes this answer:
Sweet tea and Juice are good but water is actually essential because our bodies need the moisture from water because we are mostly made up of water. Water improves your health incredibly from the way you look to the way you feel :)

You should drink water alot especially now that its summer...If you don't like the taste get vitamin flavored water or those little packets of flavoring people add to there water...like crystal light or something
This makes me wonder: what does Mickey think happens to water when it is turned into tea? What does she mean when she says we need the moisture from water? Does juice not contain moisture? I don't think there's any question that between water and water with sugar/tea in it, the one without the sugar in it is probably better for you -- but does that entirely negate the hydrating qualities of the water that nevertheless constitutes 99% of the drink? In what way is sweet tea or juice different from the sweetened, flavoured vitamin water she recommends? Is it because it has "water" in the name?

I wonder if Mickey's body knows this information. How does it know the difference between water you flavoured yourself and water that came from the factory with flavouring already in it? As far as I know, my body tends to funnel all of this stuff through the same processing plant -- I don't have different pipes for plain water and flavoured water. What happens if I eat a packet of sugar and chase it with a glass of water? Will they cancel each other out? Will I time travel?

Now I'm thirsty... Which according to Yahoo means I'm at death's door, so I better go take care of that.

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