Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun with Yahoo Answers: The Questions Edition

Often with Yahoo Answers, the questions themselves aren't as interesting as the way in which they are asked. This one starts off very broad and then suddenly gets very specific:

"What are some celebrities who dress preppy and are like alexa chung?"

First, name some things (I notice they used "what" instead of "who" as a pronoun for celebrities -- I think that's a telling sign) that fit into this broad category. Oh, and make sure they are in some way like this other very specific person or thing. It's kind of like if I asked, "Who are some actors that you like and are Will Smith?"

A lot of people also just don't know how to phrase questions. I've seen many that don't ask a question, but rather state the thing they want to know more about. YA automatically adds the question marks, I believe:

"Complicated situation!?"
"I want to dye my hair...?"

This guy's got the right idea, but still doesn't get the wording quite right:

"How to clean a tongue?"

At least the basic info is there in the question.

My most despised question style, however, comes from people who ignore the "question" and "more info" fields in the question form and just start typing their explanation directly into the space where the main question is supposed to go. As a result, you don't even get to know what the question is about until you open it. Like this:

"I'm a little confused right now...?"

Yes. Yes, you are. Next question!

"Do you think...?"

Sometimes. Next!

At first glance, this next person actually seems to have worded their question correctly, but it's a trick, because they also have a second question:

"Can you help me with a decorating question?"

I would, but I've just exhausted myself answering your first question.


Mary said...

Have you seen this?

The Trick said...

No, actually, but I'm not surprised it exists either. Thanks!